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Arien Grade – Focus EP – Support & Feedback

Welcome Friday and the weekend #Trance Lovers!

Today, we are excited once again to have Arien Grade on our label with a 2-track EP of Progressive Trance flavour titled Focus.

Arien Grade took the first steps in the direction of a musician at the age of 15, participating in the Polish club scene as a DJ. In 2012 Arien began to develop very intensively towards the production side of music, working on original material and also an official remix for Krist Van D (remix released as Mike Havlaar with Arvero).

Until now, from the beginning of 2015, Arien released remixes for Diverts (“Strong” – Digital Insomnia Recording), Muto`SS and Jay Paul (“Never Forget” – Ultimative Music) and his author`s EP “Focus” (Focus & Proximo – Digital Insomnia Recordings).

Artist Profile

There is no doubt that Arien is once again bringing his Trance A-game productions to the table. The Focus EP is the beginning of a new brand, which has the feeling that a something big is about to happen.

The EP contains two is a pulsating hard energy Progressive Trance tracks that will sure to implode many dances floors.
Both tracks are very powerful and contain a dark sound that perfectly harmonizes with the character of the author; who is a lover of classic trance themes that connect with the modern performance

Buy Now: –

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 14.58.52

Both originals have  received some nice support again from our DJ list.

Focus (Original Mix) was played on MELODIK REVOLUTION 029 With Mark Pledger

Melodik Revolution 029 – 2 hours with Mark Pledger by Trancesets.Me on Mixcloud


Youssef Lharri – Departure (Mark Pledger Remix) [MELODIKA MUSIC] Elite Electronic – Archipelago
Biotones & Damon Rush – Castaway

Novan – Quasar (Alexander Turok Remix)
Danny Chen feat. Nicole Rodriguez – Everything We Lost
Cannavo & Nesse – Push

Las Salinas – Winston
Heatbeat & Quilla – Secret (Kent & Gian Remix)
Bigtopo – Iker

Aly & Fila with Aruna – The Other Shore (Husman Remix)
Rh feat. Matilda Modigh – The Serpents Tongue
Lange – Origin

Cosmic Gate with Sarah Lynn – Sparks After The Sunset (Rafaël Frost Remix)
Arien Grade – Focus
Gareth Emery – Huracan (Ben Gold Remix)

Novan – Quasar (Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix)
Hemstock & Jennings Vs Adam White – Reverence (Mike Saint-Jules Remix)
Arisen Flame – Fireball

OneBeat – Universum (Mark Pledger Remix) [MELODIKA MUSIC] Andrew Rayel with Bobina – Sacramentum (DRYM Remix)
Jorn van Deynhoven – Burning Spear (Agustin Gandino Tech Remix)

Mike Saint-Jules pres Saint X – Burning Spear (Agustin Gandino Tech Remix)
Tempo Giusto – Spatter Analysis
Paul Denton – Wire Trap

MaRLo – Atlantis

DJ Feedback, Support and Downloads:

Alexa Gerth, Anhken, John Gibbons, M.I.K.E, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), Rebecca Saforia, Gareth Emery, Orla Feeney, Simon Bostock,  DJ Aramis, André Visior, Andrea Mazza, DJ Pusher, Northpole, ozzy xpm, Physical Phase, Silvo aka TFF , DJ Emm, DJ Harold, Dj Ice / Disco Avnegerz, Harri Nikka, Mika, Clinte, Janne Vehmas, Jari Anttonen,  Andrea  Rraqi, Simon McCann, Akyra Kayosa, Dj Lazarus, Female@Work, Gordon Coutts, Guy Alexander, Rafael Osmo, The technicians, Alje (, Beat, Dj Antixx, Dj Robert TG, Eoffman, Eric Iker, Feel (Radio Record RU), franco bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Judge Jules, Karybde and Scylla, Kennb (KRCL Radio), Marek Filipski, Mark Pledger, Matt Cerf, Neil Moore – club culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Urich Van Bell, Vaselin Tasev.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.39.23

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.24.05 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.24.22 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.24.38 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.24.58 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.25.10 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.25.57 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.26.24 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.26.47 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.27.00 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.27.31 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.28.06 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.28.22 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.28.39 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.28.53

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Neurofunq – Hide Love – Release dates and support

Hi gang,

Our next release coming out on Valentines week is from Neurofunq, an upcoming producer out of Poznan, Poland; giving us some progressive melodic charms.

We thought it was right to release this one around Valentines because of the title: ‘Hide Love’

Neurofunq - Hide Love DIG BANNER 945x350

Release date info can be found by watching the YouTube videos below.

The release comes with a stunning remix from 4xcent (Accent)

Early support from: M.I.K.E, Mark Pledger, Probaker and more.

Grab a listen in the mix with Ulrich Van Bell – Collateral Dreams Dec 2014.

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Alek Voliik – Terrene – Beatport Release


Hi everyone,

Yesterday 19th Jan 2015 was our first release of the year from Alek Voliik, a new young up and coming Electro House / Complextro producer from Denmark. Be sure to keep an ear out for this talented producer in the coming months.

The release gained support from many DJ’s such as Anjuna hot shot, Mark Pledger DJ Dazzle, Oen Bearen and many more. For more info go here

To buy the music you can visit our releases here and purchase from Beatport exclusively for 2 weeks.

DIR041D - Alek Voliik - Terrene DIR BANNER 945x350

Original Mix:

dB9 Project Remix:

Peter Takacs Remix:

Full Dj Support & Downloads:

Jenn Martinello, John Gibbons, M.I.K.E, Mark Pledger, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), Millaway, Simon Bostock,  DJ Aramis, André Visior, Andrea Mazza, DJ jusha, DJ Pusher, Northpole, ozzy xpm, Peteerson, Physical Phase, Silvo aka TFF , Stephen Pearson, Anderson Noise, Dj Leon Ray, DJ Emm, DJ Harold, Harri Nikka, Mika, 4xcent, Petri Hautala, Alex Orlov, Deejii Tomekki, HanQ, Henri, Mika Leinonen, Probaker, Matthijs Duijm, Alje (, Andrew Benson, Audio Rapture, Beat, Coco Ariaz, D- Mark, Dance, Dave Emanuel, Dj Antixx, Dj Robert TG, Dj Tico Entertainment, Doublevo, Eoffman, Eric Iker, franco bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Herbie James, House Your Body, Karybde and Scylla, Marc (Fresh Djs), Marek Filipski, Martijn Wittenbols, Mizuh, Neil Moore – club culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, Octavio Cordioli, P wax, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Ploon Deet, Robert Vadney, Sunset, Urich Van Bell, Ville Lope, Well Mixed Records, Yann Belot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 20.49.57 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 20.50.23 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 20.48.32 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 20.48.49

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Mark Pledger supports 2 more of our promos.

What an amazing couple of weeks and year for our labels.

Yet again more massive support from Anjunabeat superstar, Mark Pledger.

First off, we have support for the Christian Q vs Shokstix Remix of Camilo Santi – How Many Times on Melodik Revolution 021.

Track 25 – Camilo Santi – How Many Times (Christian Q vs Shokstix Remix)(Christian Q 


Secondly, support for the new comer to the EDM scene, Alek Voliik with his track ‘Terrene’ out mid January 2015 supported on Melodik Revolution 023.

Track 16 – Alek Voliik – Terrene (Original Mix)


More info to come on the release dates. Look out for the youtube promos coming soon with release date info.

More on Mark Pledger:

Have a great weekend.

Team DIMG.

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Camilo Santi – How Many Times

Hi EDM family,

Today we bring you our 40th release on our Digital Insomnia Recordings brand from Camilo Santi, including a remix from Christian Q vs Shokstix.

Support from some great DJ’s, more info can be found at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for your continued support.


DJ Support & Downloads:

Ashley Wallbridge, Davey Asprey, Jenn Martinello, John Gibbons, M.I.K.E, Mark Pledger, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), W&W, Millaway, Simon Bostock,  DJ Aramis, André Visior, Andrea Argon, Andrea Mazza, Deejay-T.H, DJ Geri, DJ Jusha, dj mixed spirit, DJ Pusher, Nino Kattan, ozzy xpm, Physical Phase, Silvo aka TFF , Stephen Pearson, Yutaka Viper, DJ Emm, DJ Harold, Harri Nikka, Pete Sinervo, Petri Hautala, Deejii Tomekki, HanQ, Janne Vehmas, Mika Leinonen, Petri Valo, Probaker, Said Dabaja (, v sessions worldwide, Danilo Ercole, Mark Arbor, Starforce Deejay, Dave Gilson (Preston FM), Simon McCann, 247 Dance Radio, Akyra Kayosa, Alje (, Anatoliy Frolov, Anhken, Beat, Blue Racoon FM, D- Mark, Dance, Dj Antixx, Dj Dean, DJ LRCN, Dj Robert TG, Eoffman, Eric Iker, Feel (Radio Record RU), Flash Brothers, franco bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), Gai Barone, GFX, Giovanni Campus, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Karybde and Scylla, Kennb (KRCL Radio), Krzysztof Chochlow, Marek Filipski, Micro (Traxx FM), Neil Moore – club culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, Octavio Cordioli, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Sunset, Urich Van Bell, Well Mixed Records

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 16.57.33

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 16.53.31

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 16.28.06

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 16.36.53










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Support from Mark Pledger on MELODIK REVOLUTION 007

Thank you to Mark Pledger for supporting the Grant Lewis – ‘Granted’ (James Williams Remix) and also H3F – ‘Clilmax’ (Lindell & Vuonnala Remix)



Andy Duguid and Audrey Gallagher – In This Moment [Black Hole]
Jaco – Dam Square [Enhanced]
C-Systems feat. Hanna Finsen – Save The Moment [Alter Ego]

Motif feat. Naemi Joy – One More Time (Walsh & McAuley Remix) [Black Hole]
Ben Preston feat. Susie – The Feeling Inside (Las Salinas Remix) [Lange]
Bobina – Miami Echoes (Extended Mix) [Magik Musik]

Eco – Walkabout [ASOT]
Naden – Kelevra [Enhanced Progressive]
Noah Neiman – They Have Laser Eyes (Johnny Yono Remix) [Lange]

Alae Khaldi – Supercombo (Mark Pledger Remix) [Melodika Music]
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Connected (KhoMha Remix) [Armada]
Grant Lewis – Granted (James Williams Remix) [Digital Insomnia Recordings]

The Technicians – Pavilion [Fraction]
Joint Operations Centre – Under a Sea of Birds [Subculture]
H3F – Climax (Lindell & Vuonnala Remix) [Digital Insomnia Groove]

Tempo Giusto – Blacksmith [Echelon]
Dani L. Mebius & Saint Liz – Manta [Mainstage]
Alex Ferro – Waves (Junkie Kid HardHouse Remix) [Audiophile]


Corderoy – Mechanical Tears (EDU pres. Eldar Remix) [Monster Tunes]
Steve Brian – La Gomera (Tangle Remix) [Lange]
Lele Troniq feat. Simona Barbieri – Sirio [Lange]
Markus Schulz feat. Sarah Howells – Tempted (Dennis Sheperd Remix) [Armada]
Lele Troniq – Under the Spotlight (Stephen Kirkwood Remix) [Lange]

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Mark Pledger support for Vlad Varel

Mark Pledger support for Vlad Varel – Look Back on Melodika 017. Opening track.

Artist: Mark Pledger
Title: Melodika 017
Air Date: 14-07-2013
Genre: Trance
Source: AH.FM
Quality: 192 kbps
Total Time: 60 min
Total Size: 82 mb


01. Vlad Varel – Look Back [Digital Insomnia Groove]
02. Kabeya – Anomaly (Club_Mix) [Vendace] 03. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg – Two To One [Enhanced] 04. Digital Horizon – Too Much [Infrasonic] 05. Mike Danis – Majestic [Enhanced Progressive] 06. Rake Feat. Emma Lock – Live The Dream [Melodika Music] 07. Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me (Maor Levi Club Mix) [Anjunabeats] 08. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Bay of Bengal (Corti Organ Remix) [Armada] 09. Max Graham & Tania Zygar – Diamonds (Wezz Devall Remix) [ReBrand] 10. Corderoy – Mechanical Tears (Edu presents Eldar Remix) [Monster Tunes] 11. Roger Shah, JES and Brian Laruso – Higher Than the Sun (Jesse Voorn Remix) [Black Hole] 12. Jacob van Hage – Hybrid [Flashover] 13. Ryan Watts – Racer [Xcience]


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Full list of support for Morttagua – Mars Express

Full list of support can be found by visiting this release available in our discography list here:


Full list of DJ comments can be found by following the link to the Label Worx PDF feedback here: DIG014D_Feedback

Thank you for your support

DIMG (Mgmt)

22 April 2013 Blog  Exclusive Artists  Exclusive Promos  Media Support  Releases  Remix Artists Read more

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