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Half Horizon back in Beatport Top 100 Trance chart after one day of release

Our latest release Morttagua – Half Horizon (Phase Two) enters back in the Beatport Top 100 at No.27 after only one day of release.

Thank you for your support.

Please help support our artists and keep pushing this to the top 10 again.

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5 September 2012 Beatport Top 100 Charts  Blog  Exclusive Artists  Releases Read more

Half Horizon Hits No 7 & No 78 in main Beatport charts

Thank you to everyone that has helped support our latest release Morttagua – Half Horizon (Phase One)

Again today, we woke to find the whole release had moved up 2 places from No.9 to No.7 in the Beatport Trance Top 100 Chart, and also in to No.78 in the main Beatport Download Charts, four days after its release on 07/08/2012.

Please help us push this further.

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11 August 2012 Blog  Exclusive Promos  Releases Read more

Half Horizon climbs into Beatport Trance Charts Top 10.

This morning we woke at the DIMG office to find that Half Horizon had climbed into the Beatport top 10 Trance Charts. Moving up from yesterdays placing at No.26 to No.9 within 3 days of release.

If you enjoy the music from our label, and support the artists involved with this project, please show your support by help us push this to the top of the Trance Charts and into the main Beatport charts.

Please share the Beatport exclusive release link below:

Thank you everyone for your support. 😀

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Half Horizon in at no.26 in Beatport Top 100 Trance Charts after two days of release.

Morttagua – Half Horizon, full release is already sitting at No. 26 in the Beatport Trance chart since it was released on 7/8/2012

If you like what we do and enjoy our music and artists, please show your support in trying to gain top 10 position in the Trance charts.

If you enjoy this track and support the artists involved, please share the links below.

Useful links.

Release Link (Beatport):

Special Music Offers:

DJ Support link from our website blog:

Beatport Trance Charts – 9/8/2012:

Thank you to anyone that has supported so far.
Best wishes

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Support from Markus Schulz on Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (19-07-2012)

We are really pleased to share this awesome news with you of support from Markus Schulz on GDJB Ibiza Summer Sessions (19-07-2012) Morttagua – Half Horizon – (Art Inc. Remix)

This is awesome news and adds to the massive list of support we have had for Morttagua’s, ‘Half Horizon’ release.









You can show your appreciation and support by voting for the Art Inc. Remix here:










20 July 2012 Blog  Media Support  Releases Read more

Support from Energy FM, Australia – weekly playlist rotation

This week, our Digital Insomnia Groove – Progressive Trance sub label is proud to announce the latest support for Morttagua – Half Horizon from Australia’s biggest dance music radio network broadcasting on FM radio services and a live online stream, dedicated to delivering the Electronica genre of music. This promo will be on daily rotation for the next week.

A little about Energy FM.

Energy FM Australia is a radio station that is dedicated to the Electronica genre of music. It is the only radio station of its kind located in Tasmania and only one of a few located in Australia. Our live programming is broadcast free-to-air in Hobart on 87.8 FM and streamed online to the rest of the world. We also offer on demand programming so our audience can listen to their favorite programs at any time using our website and by using their mobile devices.

We thank everyone involved at Energy FM for your support.
















26 June 2012 Blog  Exclusive Artists  Media Support Read more

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