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Beatport top 10 Success for Jady Synthman & Morttagua

Thank you for your awesome support in helping us achieve top 10 placement on Beatport Top 100 Trance charts again this year, after only 3 days of release.

If you like this release, please show your support and pass on to your friends.

Thanks for supporting!

Have a great weekend

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Jady Synthman & Morttagua enter back in Beatport Top 100 Trance Chart

Today, 17th October 2012, the Jady Synthman’s Air Flick EP (Phase Two) – Morttagua Remixes enter into the Beatport Top 100 Trance releases chart after only one day of release.

Official Exclusive release date: 16th October 2012.

If you like it Progressive, melodic and driving, then check out this latest remixes release from Brazilian Progressive producer, Morttagua on Digital Insomnia Groove.

Jady Synthman EP (Phase Two) – Morttagua Remixes:

Support from:

Airbase, Andy Richmond, Andrea Mazza, Benny Benassi, Danilo Ercole, Denis La Funk, Eddie Sender, Eric Iker, Felix Perez, Ferry Tale, Flash Brothers, Gai Borone, Gordon Coutts, Markus Schulz, Heavens Gate, John Gibbons, Ruben De Ronde,  Dimitris Kolios, DJ Fisco, Guy Alexander, Mark Arbor, Millaway, Ozzy xpm, DJ Geri, Female@Work,  Matthijs Duijm, V Sessions Worldwide, Steve Butch Jones (Something Global) Rafael Osmo, Roland Defoe, Simon Bostock and many more.

AIR FLICK EP – (Phase Two)

Jady Synthman – Air Flick

(Morttagua Remix)
Far Cry is cool, will check 
Ruben De Ronde

Jady Synthman – Air Flick
(Morttagua Remix)
I love it how deep Morttagua’s productions are
Dimitris Kolios

Jady Synthman – Far Cry
(Morttagua Remix)
Quite like Far Cry
Gordon Coutts

The Original Mix of the Air Flick EP is also available from iTunes, Trackitdown, JunoDownload and other digital stores.

Have a great week, and thank you for your support. 🙂
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17 October 2012 Beatport Top 100 Charts  Blog  Exclusive Artists  Releases Read more

Half Horizon Hits No 7 & No 78 in main Beatport charts

Thank you to everyone that has helped support our latest release Morttagua – Half Horizon (Phase One)

Again today, we woke to find the whole release had moved up 2 places from No.9 to No.7 in the Beatport Trance Top 100 Chart, and also in to No.78 in the main Beatport Download Charts, four days after its release on 07/08/2012.

Please help us push this further.

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Half Horizon in at no.26 in Beatport Top 100 Trance Charts after two days of release.

Morttagua – Half Horizon, full release is already sitting at No. 26 in the Beatport Trance chart since it was released on 7/8/2012

If you like what we do and enjoy our music and artists, please show your support in trying to gain top 10 position in the Trance charts.

If you enjoy this track and support the artists involved, please share the links below.

Useful links.

Release Link (Beatport):

Special Music Offers:

DJ Support link from our website blog:

Beatport Trance Charts – 9/8/2012:

Thank you to anyone that has supported so far.
Best wishes

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