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Krzysztof Chochlow – ‘Storm’

Digital Insomnia Recordings presents our 2nd release from Krzysztof Chochlow with his Progressive / Electro styled release, titled ‘STORM’.

‘STORM’ is a tough, driving electro beat, fused with merciless percussion, uplifting stabs and subtle bass FX. The Original Mix is a definite track for Tech Trance and Electro House dance floors!

Krzysztof states: “It’s just another banger, which I hope you like even more than “1 Of Us”. The title was not chosen by accident, the drop speaks STORM…”

The release comes with a cleverly produced, hard-hitting Electro House remix from Jason Seizures

Prepare to be swept by the ‘STORM’




Full list of DJ support and downloads from:

Amber D, Jenn Martinello, John Gibbons, M.I.K.E, Mark Pledger, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), Pedro Del Mar, W&W, Lindell & Vuonnala, Simon Bostock, DJ Emm, DJ Harold, Harri Nikka, Anssi Valtonen, Dj Frank, Petri Hautala, Deejii Tomekki, DJ Meke, DJ SAMPL, HanQ, Henri, Probaker, Radical Effect, Matthijs Duijm, v sessions worldwide, Far Too Loud, Simon McCann, Gordon Coutts, Rafael Osmo, 247 Dance Radio, Alje (, Anatoliy Frolov, Andrea Mazza, Anhken, Audio Rapture, Benjamin Florentino, Coco Ariaz, Dj Antixx, Dj Dean, Dj Robert TG, Dj Ron, Doc Trashz, Doublevo, Electrik Shandi, Eoffman, Eric Iker, Eyal Offman, Felipe Wrechiski, franco bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), Gai Barone, GFX, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Haris C, Karybde and Scylla, Liquid Mix, Marc (Fresh Djs), Matt Cerf, Micro (Traxx FM), N-tchbl, Neil Moore – Club Culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, Oen Bearen, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Robert Vadney, Ronald Defoe, Stereo Heroes, Type41, Urich Van Bell, Vaselin Tasev, Ville Lope

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Beatport Exclusive Feature – Krzysztof Chochlow – ‘1 of Us’

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Today sees the super hard Electro release from Trance legend, Krzysztof Chochlow.

The release has been circulating around the EDM scene now for several weeks, originally crowd tested at EDC Festival in London this year.

You can now grab your hands on a copy from Beatport here:

The release comes with some well tuned, hard hitting remixes from Artena aka James Williams, Emdi and Coorby and Lindell & Vuonnala.

Selection of DJ Quotes:

Mark Pledger: cool pack! 8/10

Binary Finary: Nice tune 7/10

Arnej: Liking the original mix! 8/10

Dennis Sheperd: Original Mix for me! 8/10

Flash Brothers: Rocking tune! 7/10

Morttagua: 1 of us original Mix is a club banger!! support! 8/10

Roddy Reyneart: Great job , massive EP!Lindell & Vuonnala too 😉 9/10

Busho: Wowowowowowow!!! Awesome package guys! Thank you for sending! Will be supporting the original and Artena remix. 10/10

Gordon Coutts: Great stuff as usual from Krzysztof! 8/10

John Gibbons: Beast! 9/10

This is the full list of DJ support and downloads:

Aly and Fila, Dennis Sheperd, Fedde Le Grande, Gordon Coutts, John Gibbons, Markus Schulz, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), Suzy Solar, Morttagua, Orla Feeney, Vojt Van Twistigen,  DJ Aramis, Andrea Argon, Andrea Mazza, Deejay-T.H, DJ Pusher, Nino Kattan, Nivaya, Northpole, ozzy xpm, Silvo aka TFF , The Soundman, Yutaka Viper, DJ Emm, Mika, Anttoni, DJ Meke, Don Miquel, Said Dabaja (, V sessions worldwide, Rafael Osmo, Trance Radi (CH) 2, Aaron Camz, Anhken, Arnej, Benjamin Florentino, Busho, Coco Ariaz, D- Mark, Dance, Danilo Ercole, Deepsense, Dj Antixx, Dj City, Dj Lazarus, DJ MissDVS, Dj Robert TG, Doublevo, Eric Iker, Far Too Loud, Feel (Radio Record RU), Flash Brothers, Franco Bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), GFX, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Graham, Haris C, Karybde and Scylla, Kennb (KRCL Radio), Kickitre Recordings, Losing Rays, Marc (Fresh Djs), Maria Mashkova, Mark Arbor, Mark Pledger, Martin Smith (Underground | OTC + UltraRadio), Micro (Traxx FM), Mizuh, Neil Moore – club culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, OdonBat, Oen Bearen, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Prorec, Rasmorus, Robert Vadney, Roddy Reyneart  (Ifonika Recordings), Ron (Pc Music), Ronald Defoe, Mike Saint Jules, Sunset, Type41, Vaselin Tasev.

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Full list of support for Morttagua – Mars Express

Full list of support can be found by visiting this release available in our discography list here:


Full list of DJ comments can be found by following the link to the Label Worx PDF feedback here: DIG014D_Feedback

Thank you for your support

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