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Support from Ministry of Sound TV Official Channel for Morttagua – Half Horizon

After reaching the TOP 4 on the BEATPORT Trance Charts and now up to No.37 from No.41 on Top 100 Beatport releases, reviewed in in DJ MAG Spain, support from various ARIA Chart Compilers, and Billboard 100 compilers; 6 weeks of daily rotation on Energy FM (Australia) airplay on podcasts from some of the worlds biggest international artists such as: MARKUS SCHULZ, PAUL OAKENFOLD, PAUL VINITSKY, BISSEN, MARK PLEDGER, RUBEN DE RONDE, STEVE ANDERSON, TEMPO GIUSTO, GABI NEWMAN, Neil Moore (Heavensgate | BFBS Radio), STEVE ‘BUTCH’ JONES (Ibiza | Something Global)

Other support for Phase One includes artists such as: FILTH & SPLENDOUR, SUZY SOLAR, MANUEL LE SAUX, WOODY VAN EYDEN, FAR TOO LOUD, LAURENT SCHARK, plus many others; now it’s time for MORTTAGUA-HALF HORIZON to receive a tourist spot on the official youtube channel of the largest Trance / Electronic world stamp in music: MINISTRY OF SOUND TV, included in their top 10 picks this month! (please note that this link is subject to change after a certain period)


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Half Horizon Hits No 7 & No 78 in main Beatport charts

Thank you to everyone that has helped support our latest release Morttagua – Half Horizon (Phase One)

Again today, we woke to find the whole release had moved up 2 places from No.9 to No.7 in the Beatport Trance Top 100 Chart, and also in to No.78 in the main Beatport Download Charts, four days after its release on 07/08/2012.

Please help us push this further.

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#GDJB Weekly – Support from DJ Zero One

This was a nice feature and media support from DJ Zero One at his EDM Newspaper,

More on Zero One:

Thank you for your support 😀

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Half Horizon climbs into Beatport Trance Charts Top 10.

This morning we woke at the DIMG office to find that Half Horizon had climbed into the Beatport top 10 Trance Charts. Moving up from yesterdays placing at No.26 to No.9 within 3 days of release.

If you enjoy the music from our label, and support the artists involved with this project, please show your support by help us push this to the top of the Trance Charts and into the main Beatport charts.

Please share the Beatport exclusive release link below:

Thank you everyone for your support. 😀

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Half Horizon in at no.26 in Beatport Top 100 Trance Charts after two days of release.

Morttagua – Half Horizon, full release is already sitting at No. 26 in the Beatport Trance chart since it was released on 7/8/2012

If you like what we do and enjoy our music and artists, please show your support in trying to gain top 10 position in the Trance charts.

If you enjoy this track and support the artists involved, please share the links below.

Useful links.

Release Link (Beatport):

Special Music Offers:

DJ Support link from our website blog:

Beatport Trance Charts – 9/8/2012:

Thank you to anyone that has supported so far.
Best wishes

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Support from Markus Schulz on Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (19-07-2012)

We are really pleased to share this awesome news with you of support from Markus Schulz on GDJB Ibiza Summer Sessions (19-07-2012) Morttagua – Half Horizon – (Art Inc. Remix)

This is awesome news and adds to the massive list of support we have had for Morttagua’s, ‘Half Horizon’ release.









You can show your appreciation and support by voting for the Art Inc. Remix here:










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Ruben de Ronde support on THE SOUND OF HOLLAND 122

Early support from Ruben de Ronde for the Art Inc. Remix of Morttagua- Half Horizon.

You can cast your vote here to support this track.





Ruben de Ronde, The Sound of Holland 122, 15-06-2012

01. Morttagua – Half Horizon (Art Inc. Remix) [Digital Insomnia Groove] 02. Ruben de Ronde & Danny Chen – While You Were Sleeping (Mindset Remix) [Statement!] 03. Above & Beyond – Filmic (Ruben de Ronde Remix) [No label] 04. Tears for Fears – Shout (Michael Tsukerman Privat Instrumental Mix) [No Label] 05. Above & Beyond vs. Omnia – The Fusion Tonight (Chris Schweizer Mashup) [CDR] 06. Ruben de Ronde & Aelyn – She`s Already Gone (ProgressiveR Remix) [Statement!] 07. Aelyn – Believe In Us (ProgressiveR Remix) [CDR] 08. Martire & Flashtech – Another World (Spark 7 Remix) [Alter Ego Progressive] 09. Armin van Buuren & Ana Criado – Suddenly Summer (HeatBeat Remix) [Armind] 10. Ruben de Ronde – Forever In Our Hearts (Spotlighted by Jorn van Deynhoven) [Statement!]

Thanks Ruben. 🙂

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