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How to submit demos to Digital Insomnia Music Group.

Please take the time to read our terms of submitting!

We are looking for Uplifting, Tech and Progressive Trance and Deep, Funky Progressive, Electro & Complextro House styles similar to what we release, please listen to our current music on our homepage player or listen here:

Submission Terms:

1. If emailing us, please do not send us a link without any biography, or just say Hi, and present a download link. Please present yourself in a professional manner. 

2. Produced demos cannot be shared on any links.  We do not sign any material that is already shared or shown on social networks website such as Youtube, Reverb Nation, Mixcloud, Myspace, Facebook and Soundcloud and upload companies such as Sendspace & Zippyshare.

3. Please submit private Soundcloud links only. We will also listen to your other work on Soundcloud and Mixcloud as long as its privately linked. You can also connect and send demos to us at Demo Drop and Tone Den. More info at the bottom of this page.

4. We only accept original material on our label; please do not send remixes of already released tracks or music that has been submitted to other labels.  We are very strict on what is submitted to our label, as we wish to prevent the sharing of music via illegal sharing websites.

5. Please make sure that any samples used have been cleared, or require clearance. As of June 2013, advised by our distributor, that some sample companies are now claiming copyright infringement against the artists and record labels releasing the music. Therefore, please make sure you make us aware of any samples used. This does not include kick, clap, FX samples etc. Check your licensing agreement and advise us of what sample packs you have used and from what sample companies.

6. If a contract is signed, you then have permission to upload your signed tracks at maximum of 3 minutes is allowed; but not until the release is due out on digital release.  This only affects the tracks signed under Digital Insomnia Music Group.



1. Each track signed, is promoted via our email and distribution system via Label Worx.


2. If you successfully sign a track with us, please allow at least 12 weeks in total for remixing, mastering and promotion. (Experience tells us that a promotion stage of at least 8 weeks is required to gather enough support on the DJ club circuit.)

3. We use the Label Worx – Promo Box for distributing our promos to DJ’s. –

N.B. Some releases can take longer than others due to remixing and time constraints. You will be kept up to date in the progress of your release.

Submitting demos:

1. Submit your demo as full length MP3. 192kbps quality is sufficient at this stage. (Please do not submit if it is incomplete, due to high volume of demo’s, we are unable to provide detailed feedback for incomplete releases. Please Note! We will only provide video feedback if we like your track, and feel we can help you improve the quality of the mix. 

2. If we feel changes are needed to your demo, you will be contacted to discuss this. As a label, we work with the artist on the suitability of your demo before release.

3. If you successfully full-fill the criteria we are looking  for, you will be contacted and a an interview regarding a digital licensing and publishing contract will take place.

4. Once a contract is agreed and signed, we will then need from you an original un-mastered wav file, at least -7 to -9dB, 24bit at 44.1kHz.

5. A set of mastering guidelines will be given with your contract.

6. We will also need from you, a remix pack, containing MIDI and Wav files in a .zip folder.  (Please do not include any passwords on the folder)

7. Why not try a quick and simple way to upload and connect your demos with us at DemoDrop

Make sure to submit your contact details so we can contact you if we like your work. Alternatively, please email us to let us know you have sent your demo vis Demo Drop. 

8. You can submit via Tone Den:


9. If you would like to submit a demo Wav or MP3 files only, please email  You can either attach the file to the email or attach a private ‘’ link.

10. Please still read our submission terms above, it is very important that you do so. Only private links are accepted, that have not been shared  on your network or submitted to other labels already.

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