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DIR044D :: Focus EP

DIR044D :: Focus EP

Label: Digital Insomnia Recordings

Release date: 19-06-2015

Catalog number: DIR044D

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Focus (Original Mix)
Arien Grade
Proximo (Original Mix)
Arien Grade

Arien Grade returns to Digital Insomnia Recordings, this time with a 2-track EP of Progressive Trance flavour.

There is no doubt that Arien is once again bringing his Trance A-game productions to the table. The Focus EP is the beginning of a new brand, which has the feeling that a something big is about to happen.

The EP contains two is a pulsating hard energy Progressive Trance tracks that will sure to implode many dances floors.
Both tracks are very powerful and contain a dark sound that perfectly harmonizes with the character of the author; who is a lover of classic trance themes that connect with the modern performance.

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