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DIR043D :: Strong

DIR043D :: Strong

Label: Digital Insomnia Recordings

Release date: 20-0402015

Catalog number: DIR043D

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Strong (Original Mix)
Strong (Arien Grade Remix)

Diverts starts his Digital Insomnia Recordings journey with a track of Progressive Trance definition.

This Polish producer brings his A-game to the table with his first ever release titled ‘Strong’. Connecting classical music with modern Trance and Main room vibes, now prevailing in the world of clubbing.

Diverts states: “I have inspirations from many sources; sometimes a book or a movie, often emotions or events in my life push me forward to make music. Concerts are also big inspiration for me. My track titled ‘Strong’ reflex this. When I produced this song, my main inspiration was from concerts at the Poznan Philharmonic Hall.”

The release comes with a fine Tech / Progressive Trance Beat and bass driven remix from Arien Grade.

Keep an ear open for these Nu Breeds!

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