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DIG026D :: Closure EP

DIG026D :: Closure EP

Label: Digital Insomnia Groove

Release date: 08-01-2016

Catalog number: DIG026D

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Turn (Original Mix)
Dan Price (PL) Feat. Bibi Provence
Lost (Original Mix)
Dan Price (PL)

Dan Price from Poland is back on Digital Insomnia Groove, this time with two new, fresh Original tracks in different styles.
There is no doubt that Dan is once again bringing his A-game to the table firstly with a collaboration between Dutch singer – Bibi Provence.

The track ‘Turn’ is taking the listener to #Bigroom world with nice melodic sounds, piano structures resonate at the opening of the track, followed by a beautiful lead melody takes over the track with the epic vocals of Bibi Provence piercing through.

Dan’s inspiration in making this track came from some old Bigroom hits by Project 46, Cicada and many more.

The second track ‘Lost’ is the new generation of the #EDM sounds. ‘Lost’ is a mix of different styles of Electro, Progressive and Bigroom House. Lost is an epic builder from the start, offering driving bass and Bigroom melodic melodies with a touch of classical arrangement.

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