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Jyri Hintikka, better known as Radical Effect, is an emerging DJ and a producer of electronic music from Finland. His journey as a DJ started from the new years eve of 2011, though his fascination for music has been with him for all his life.

“I have always been surrounded by music and I do love all of it. However, electronic has always been the type of music that inspires and moves me the most.”

The current sound of Radical Effect combines raw bassline’s, ground shaking beats and uplifting melodies that will blow your mind on the dance floor. In 2012 Radical Effect released his first bootleg EP ‘This Is Who I Am’.  In 2013, Radical released his first original EP titled ‘Rush’ with the Swedish Bored To Debt Records and a separate progressive single ‘Beyond’ on Tiger Tycoon Records!

Radical Effect is set to grow his conquest of the Finnish nightlife. As a DJ, Radical is not afraid to mix different genres from different times to create a sound that is interesting and fresh. Radical Effect represents a new brand of electronic music emerging from Finland.

“For me making and playing music is all about intuition and what feels right. I need nothing else.”

Also in 2012, Radical Effect began performing in clubs, festivals and shows throughout Finland. He teamed up with Evarist Lehtomäki (a.k.a. Dr Muzzku) and Samuli Kivirinne (a.k.a. S4mthing) to form the DJ trio ‘The Royalties of Sound’. Together they organise raves, produce music and aim to bring a new tide to the sound of electronic music.

The Royalties of Sound DJ’s launched their first club tour named ‘Kill The Lights’. The tour was a massive success and stirred up raves across the country. ‘Kill The Lights’ put Radical Effect on the list of most anticipated emerging artists in Finland!

In the summer of 2013 Radical Effect made his comeback to the stage with future big plans. Regardless of his short career, Radical Effect has already performed in some of the biggest clubs in Finland, with no intention of stopping his musical revolution!

Radical also regularly playing at the best clubs in Finland, often playing along side the biggest names on the Finnish DJ circuit; including the Heavyweight DJ’s and Jason Seizures. For this year Radical Effect have yet to announce a few things, but they will be huge and will include internationally known artists from Finland.


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