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Lope & Kantola


Lope & Kantola is a Finnish Progressive / Electro House music duo.

 Descending from a strong Trance background, the duo has continuously refined their style; resulting in their current House sound that bares no limits. That said one should always be prepared for energetic basslines and a top level execution when it comes to their music production. Whether the duo wants to take you to the edge of your seat with their blazing Electro sounds or cherish your mood with complex melodies, funky driven pop-like vibes, they always deliver.

Lope & Kantola’s DJ performances match and even exceed their skills in music production. With over 15 years of experience DJ’ing across Finland, Lope & Kantola know exactly how to deliver a killer performance.

Another factor that sets the duo apart is the substantial amount of self-produced music they play during their gigs; meaning the duo always deliver a show that is truly unique and fresh.

Previously, Lope & Kantola have been in the forefront of Bonzai Music’s Subtraxx imprint and also released music on labels such as: Digital Insomnia and Darude’s Enmass. Finally satisfied with their new sound, Lope & Kantola are seeking to release music on other suitable labels and explore new destinations for their music.

So keep your ears open because Lope & Kantola are about to make an impact.



Agency: Digital Insomnia DJ Agency

Phone: +44 (0)7954 180 557

The artist

Nationality: Finnish

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