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Jason Seizures

Jason Seizures

Jason Seizures


Jason Seizures is a well-known DJ in the Finnish clubbing scene, playing over 150 gigs a year. Jason came second in the Finnish DJ Championships in 2014. His residencies at clubs like F*ck Me It’s Friday, Club Fresh and Acapulco have introduced the music sounds of Seizures to thousands of people.

Jason’s style is a mixture of groovy, energetic and aggressive Electro/Progressive House, combined with clever mixing and familiar melodies. The main ingredients of Jason’s signature sound are Progressive melodies and massive Electro drops.

Jason is also an acknowledged producer, and has a number of releases on international record labels such as, Universal, Magik Muzik, Premiere, Big Beat/Atlantic, Black Hole Recordings and Digital Insomnia just to name a few.


Agency: Jason Seizures


The artist

Nationality: Finnish

Resident in: Helsinki

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