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Jacek Sudnik aka Diverts. Producer and DJ, since 2008.

Aged 17, Jacek started, his DJ career in the nightclub Hah situated in Posen, giving DJ Diverts his first experience of a mixing console.

In 2012, Jacek was resident in club Shivaz. He has also played at many music festivals like, ‘We Love Trance’, ‘Melodic Sea’, ‘Music Fortress’ and ‘Beach Time’ Festival.

Diverts has had the pleasure of playing with DJ’s such as: Ron Van den Beuken Tiddey, Indecent Noise, Skytech, Arisen Flame, A.R.D.I, and many more.

Diverts has now been learning to produce music for 3 years, and finally his form came together in the titled track ‘Strong’ which will be his first ever release signed to UK electronic music label Digital Insomnia Recordings in Great Britain.

Currently, Diverts is working on his DJ and Production skills, which will no doubt bring amazing results in the near future!


I have inspirations from many sources; sometimes a book or a movie, often emotions or events in my life push me forward to make music. Concerts are also big inspiration for me. My track titled ‘Strong’ reflex this. When I produced this song, my main inspiration was from concerts at the Poznan Philharmonic Hall.

Watching and listening to the sounds, I decided to connect classic music with new vibes, now prevailing in the world of clubbing. When I listen music, I have a lot of ideas to make my own tracks and when I play at festivals, the power from the crowd makes me happy. Giving me inspiration to be back in the studio and make music for a people!


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