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Ben Ashley

Ben Ashley

Ben Ashley


Ben Ashley is a rising Uplifting Trance Music Producer from the North of England.

Ben Ashley started DJ’ing at very young age and always had a huge interest in music. Practicing on several pair of decks, Ben always wanted to learn to play the piano; at 21 he bought himself a Yamaha psr 2000 and sat learning to play the basics. Over the course of 12 months Ben could play a lot with both hands but not at the same time, then one day it clicked and he can now play pretty much anything just by ear. At the age of 23, Ben started to learn the basics of music production, mainly for fun, but in the last 2 years Ben has production to the next level by investing heavily in updating his studio setup and software; also investing time and money into more tuition.  Every track Ben makes, he finds himself being more creative, more confident, and even faster.

Ben States: “Always follow your dreams and never give up “


Agency: Digital Insomnia DJ Agency

Phone: 07954180557


The artist

Nationality: British

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