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Pointless Payback feat. Matias Väisänen – Sleepwalker – Promo Videos

Hi EDM fans,

Today we bring you the release date info and all of the mixes in one location for Pointless Payback feat. Matias Väisänen – Sleepwalker.

Petri Hautala – better known as Pointless Payback, is a young producer/DJ hailing from Southern Finland. Since 2011, he’s been releasing tracks from Drum & Bass to Electro House, still maintaining his own personal style.

“Sleepwalker” is contemplation about the border of being awake and asleep. The particular boundary is sometimes blurred, this is expressed by the lyrics. During difficult times, especially after a loss of your loved one the approval of reality can be hard; dreams can be a temporary escape from the misery.

This abstract theme combined with a strong and deep voice of Matias Väisänen is certainly a powerful outcome. All culminates to the addictive main melody of the track, which will stick into your head for a long time. Massive electro basslines finalizes the puzzle to one fascinating piece.

The “Sleepwalker” pack includes Original and Instrumental mixes, plus two high quality remixes by some of the rising names of Finland.

Original Mix

Jason Seizures Remix is an effective dance floor anthem: original melodies combined to a crunchy drop won’t let any clubbers down!

Jason Seizures Remix

Ninth Floor Remix whereas shows the power of Melbourne Bounce and irresistible groove. Riveting entity is without a doubt one of the assets of this composition, not forgetting the mellow sound-scape and tasty synthesizers.

Ninth Floor Remix

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Emdi vs KC – Lizard – Full Digital Release

Hi EDM fans,

It’s been a while since we posted, so we thought we had better bring some updates.

Yesterday was the full release for Emdi vs Krzysztof Chochlow and their ‘Lizard’ track, also included is the remix by  DIMG A&R Manager, Kristian Lindell.

Some of the support includes: Ashley Wallbridge, Ferry Corsten, John Gibbons, M.I.K.E, Markus Schulz, Neil Moore, Cosmic Gate, Orla Feeney + many more.

Full list of support can be found here:

Available at:


DJ Tunes

Juno Download:



More of our DIR release on DJ Tunes:

Have a great week, and keep posted for more blog updates with our latest promos coming soon.

Best wishes


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