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Afterlife – Full Digital Release

Hi DIMG fans,

We know this is a wonderful start to the music season, and what better way to kick off the end of this month with our first full digital release of 2014.

It seems like forever we have been pushing this release. However, this is just the start of this tracks wonderful journey. With your help  We ask you to show your support and help us spread this release globally with your friends. 

This project has brought together some of the finest young talent out of Finland in the form of producers Radical Effect, 4Xcent, and the luscious haunting vocals of Emma P. Not to forget the in your face remixes from Jason Seizures, once again on fire; and also edit remixes from 4Xcent and Pointless Payback both giving the release a fresh outlook and something to offer a range of DJ crowds.

The releases is available at most digital stores.

Download at JunoDownload. 

Also available at:


Dj Tunes



We welcome your support for our talented artist. o/

Have a fabulous month ahead.

Best wishes

The DIMG Crew. 😀


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New Beatport Release – ‘Afterlife’

Today, we are proud to present one of the best releases to date on our Digital Insomnia Groove brand.

The track ‘Afterlife’, is produced by Radical Effect featuring 4xcent & Emma P.

‘Afterlife’ creates bridges between worlds and times. It blends together old school trance synth work with a rough Complextro bassline to breed a hard banging club leveller. The lyrics in the vocal mix bring out the question whether two different worlds can intertwine and exist in harmony. The track itself is a bold statement that the coexistence it is not only possible, but also it is the future for dance music.

This release comes with an Original (Dub) Mix, Vocal Mix and 3 unique electro and progressive house remixes from up and coming DJ Producer Jason Seizures, featured artists 4xcent, and Pointless Payback.

Read his profile here Radical Effect  – For more information on his gigs and music, visit his website.

Direct Beatport Link:


Full list of DJ support and downloads from:

Eddie Sender , John Gibbons, Lindell & Vuonnala, Millaway, DJ Emm, DJ Harold, Harri Nikka, Surmak-1, Tommi Toivonen, AJ Haapanen, Anssi Valtonen, Dj Frank, Pete Sinervo, Petri Hautala, Tony Hexx, Deejii Tomekki, DJ Meke, HanQ, Jasse Laitonen, Juuso, Mika Leinonen, Probaker, Angel Gimenez Montano (DJ Mag Spain), Said Dabaja (, 1mix Radio (UK), Simon McCann, 247 Dance Radio, Alje, Andrea Mazza, Anhken, Artento Divini, Benjamin Florentino, Coco Ariaz, D- Mark, Deepsense, Dj Antixx, Dj Dean, Dj Jelo, Dj Tico Entertainment, Doublevo, Dreamension (After Hours FM), Eoffman, Eric Iker, franco bianco (Buenos Aires | Delta FM 90.3), GFX, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Haris C, Kohsuke “Galaxy Records, Krzysztof Chochlow, MAP Dance – Michael Hall / Mr Mike, Marc (Fresh Djs), Marek Filipski, Michael Mayer, Micro (Traxx FM), Neil Moore – Club Culture Radio Show (BFBS RA, Octavio Cordioli, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Prorec, Rasmorus, Robert Vadney, Ronald Defoe, Sourcee, Sunset, Trance Elements, Urich Van Bell

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Krzysztof Chochlow – ‘Storm’ – (Phase One) Promo teaser clips

Digital Insomnia Recordings presents our 2nd release from Krzysztof Chochlow with his Progressive / Electro styled release, titled ‘STORM’.

‘STORM’ is a tough, driving electro beat, fused with merciless percussion, uplifting stabs and subtle bass FX. The Original Mix is a definite track for Tech Trance and Electro House dance floors!

Krzysztof states: “It’s just another banger, which I hope you like even more than “1 Of Us”. The title was not chosen by accident, the drop speaks STORM…”

The release comes with a cleverly produced, hard-hitting Electro House remix from Jason Seizures.

Prepare to be swept by the ‘STORM’





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