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Exclusive Beatport Release – ‘Reach’

Today, we are proud to present to you Jason Seizures & Tony Hexx Feat. Nicol-Juliet with their new release titled: ‘Reach’

DIG017D - Jason Seizures & Tony Hexx Feat. Nicol Juliet - Reach - DIG Cover 1000x1000

Nicol-Juliet has been no stranger to the current music scene, with her top 8 placement in the American Idols contest. Jason can also be found playing across many nightclub venues around Finland. Teaming up with Tony Hexx, these guys made an awesome team by reworking an original idea by Tony, turning it into a dancefloor smasher.

We believe you will feel the same. So go on, grab a copy here: and turn up the music loud.

Don’t forget to also check out the stunning remixing from Péter Takács and Moxx. They are sure to deliver some alternative darker sound to the original version.


Full list of DJ support and downloads from:

Gordon Coutts, John Gibbons, Markus Schulz, Neil Moore (Heavens Gate), Jeremy Folderol, Lindell & Vuonnala, Vojt Van Twistigen, DJ Dosse (Radio NRJ Finland), DJ Emm, Harri Nikka, Jason Seizures, Mika, Aj Nuora, Anssi Valtonen, Antti Kotiranta, Anttoni, DJ Meke, DJ SAMPL, Don Miquel, HanQ, Jonkka, Juuso, Said Dabaja, V Sessions worldwide, Anhken, Benjamin Florentino, Busho, Clube Ducate (Spin 1038), D- Mark, Dance, Darry Lowens, Deepsense, Dj Antixx, Dj City, Dj Jhonny Cee, DJ MissDVS, Dj Robert TG, Doublevo, Dreamension (After Hours FM), Eric Iker, Feel (Radio Record RU), Flash Brothers, GFX, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Graham, Haris C, Herbie James, Jack Grooves, Karybde and Scylla, Kohsuke “Galaxy Records, Marc (Fresh Djs), Mark Arbor, Martin Smith (Underground | OTC + UltraRadio), Matt Cerf, Micro (Traxx FM), Mizuh, BFBS RA, Pablo Prado aka Paul Nova, Ploon Deet, Prorec, Rasmorus, Ron (Pc Music), Ronald Defoe, Sunset, Type41, Vaselin Tasev

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Trackitdown Featured releases – ‘1 of Us’

Two recently featured tracks on from the Krzysztof Chochlow Release – ‘1 of Us’

Help support the noise of our artists by sharing this post about these tracks.

Best wishes

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Heres a preview of what to expect.

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