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Digital Insomnia helps boost James Dymonds career and signs to Armada

Digital Insomnia Recordings are proud of this young producer and to have helped him climb so high in such a short period. For myself being a music teacher for a number of years and also running the label single handedly for many years this is a great thing to see. Although I have not had any part in James Dymond’s music tutoring, it is still a great honour to have helped him by utilising his skills as a remixer for projects within our label.

I am personally proud to have had a major part and impact on this young producers career in such a short space of time.


These are some word from James.

“As a remixer, friend and ‘helper outer’ of Digital Insomnia Recordings – I’d like to say thank you to this label has been a massive support for my career.

I’m pleased to say that it’s enabled me to progress – to today, where Armin Van Buuren hand picked my new release on Armada Music: James Dymond – Gundam, to be part of Universal Religion Chapter 5… I hope someday Digital Insomnia Recordings will help other artists to progress like the way they have helped me!”

Many thanks, James Dymond.

You can find out more about the Universal Religion Chapter 5 here:

For more on James Dymond visit here:

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes Darren Bayton & The team at Digital Insomnia Recordings

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